How To Make The Best Saline Spray

If you are suffering from hay fever allergies, you can go out and buy a saline spray. Or, you could make one on your own. Doing so can be more practical than running to the store and you might already have the supplies needed.

Use Distilled Water

The best water to use against hay fever is distilled water. Boiled tap water can be used as an alternative, but the tap water may contain ingredients that can exacerbate your allergies. Measure eight ounces of distilled water, for best results.

Use Non-Ionized Salt

Non-iodized salt is the best option, since you may have an iodine allergy. These include pickling and kosher salt. However, if you do not have an iodine allergy, you could use table salt or sea salt. You will need a small spray bottle to deliver the saline spray. It must be able to propel the saline solution up your nose to be effective. 

Boil The Water

The salt and water must be boiled. This will kill any microbes in the water. Also, the salt needs to dissolve. If salt is simply mixed in water, the salt will sink to the bottom and the saline solution will not be as effective. You must use a half teaspoon of salt because anything less will not be effective. For example, a quarter teaspoon of salt will be similar to the amount of salt already in your body. 

Be careful when using a saline spray with children under 5. Consider contacting your child's pediatrician before using a saline spray. Better yet, have your child's pediatrician recommend a hay fever treatment for your child. 

You may find the saline solution uncomfortable because it causes a stinging sensation. This can be reduced by adding baking soda, which helps neutralize the pH. Add the baking soda while the water is still warm to allow it to dissolve. Do not sue the saline spray until it has cooled to room temperature.

Use The Spray Effectively

The saline spray can be used whenever you are feeling congested. Blow your nose afterward. If you are using it on your child, make sure to ask periodically if his or her nose is clogged. If you believe your child is responsible enough, allow him or her to carry and use the bottle. 

If you are still suffering from serious allergies after using a saline spray, it is recommended that you contact an ENT specialist for assistance. There may be better medical treatments for you. Contact a medical clinic like Alpine Ear, Nose & Throat, PC for more information and assistance.